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Dixon Family Reunion

Holding reunions is a tradition with the Dixon Family of South Carolina. With the theme “Celebrating our Passage of Faith, Hope and Love,” the Dixon Family held a reunion in 2015 in Charleston. They began by sending a save-the-date postcard to family members, but soon followed up with a booklet that outlined the weekend, and offered booking, travel and destination information.

The hosts also offered this welcome:

The time has come for us to prepare for our 2015 Family Reunion held in the historical city of Charleston, SC. We are sticking to family tradition and having the 2015 Family Reunion in the month of July. This letter is to communicate some specifics for the Dixon Family Reunion 2015. Our 2015 family reunion theme is, “Celebrating Our Passage of Faith, Hope and Love.” As a family we know we have to continue to embrace and celebrate one another, our heritage, our accomplishments and our trials. Through life’s journey it is within family that we can celebrate our differences, our successes, and our failures by embracing the love that was built around our family through Faith, Hope and Love; and the greatest of these being love as Jesus commanded us to do so. Therefore, it is with great anticipation that we ask all family members come and celebrate our passage in Charleston, South Carolina. Please keep each other in prayer as we venture out to another successful Family Reunion. May God’s grace and peace be multiplied to you.

And while their structured program offered a meet-and-greet on Friday, a dinner cruise on Saturday and a worship service on Sunday, they promoted great things to see and do while in Charleston, including a Gullah History Tour.