A Travel Guide to S.C. African American Cultural Sites


NBC News: The Original Green Book Was a Safety Guide for Traveling African Americans

The Green Book of South Carolina pays homage to the original Green Book by highlighting over 300 African American heritage sites across the state of South Carolina. However, the original Green Book, published in 1936, was not just a nod to African American culture but played a critical role in providing African American travelers with a guide to safe harbors & welcoming establishments across the United States. The guide helped black motorists navigate the dangers of racial segregation and included everything from gas stations and restaurants to safe lodging for African American travelers. While for many, the original Green Book serves as a tribute to African American history, for many others, its legacy is relatively unknown. However, Calvin Ramsey has dedicated his life’s work to reviving Green Book and ensuring these African American heroes and cultural sites are well known and accessible to everyone. We are happy to have more than 300 of these beloved sites in South Carolina.

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