Sweetgrass Pavilion

The Sweetgrass Pavilion is an exceptional special event and meeting space that showcases one of the Lowcountry’s largest collections of sweetgrass basket merchandise. Hands-on basket making classes are often held at the venue.

The coiled sweetgrass basket is an historically significant African art that was brought to America in the 17th century by enslaved Africans from the Windward and Rice Coasts of West Africa. These baskets were originally designed as a winnowing tool used in the production and processing of rice. Today, they are popular souvenirs found along the South Carolina coast.

History of sweetgrass baskets https://www.tompsc.com/documentcenter/view/752

KEYWORDS: Sweetgrass, Gullah Geechee, Rice Coast, the Arts

Hands-on basketmaking


Campers introduced to sweetgrass