Slave Quarters at South Carolina College

The last remaining kitchen and slave quarters on campus stands as a tangible link to the enslaved people who lived and worked here. South Carolina College, a forerunner to the modern university, owned a number of slaves and hired countless others between 1801 and 1865. Enslaved people made significant contributions to the construction and maintenance of college buildings and to daily life on campus. Despite limited references to individuals, enslaved workers who appear by name in archival records include Abraham, Amanda, Anna, Anthony, Charles, Henry, Jack, Jim, Joe, Lucy, Mal., Peter, Sancho and his wife, Simon, Toby and Tom. Naming these individuals is an effort to remember their substantial contributions to the University of South Carolina.

This historical marker was dedicated by the University of South Carolina in 2017.

How To Find:

Old Campus District ("The Horseshoe") University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina 29208